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In the most challenging 12 months for those planning their weddings; for wedding suppliers providing services to the wedding industry, and the world in general, I am beyond proud to have managed to launch a collection of breath taking bridal hair accessories designed to really get the party started (when we can).

LOVE UNLEASHED has become, without intention, a collection of two halves, and when you see the pieces as a whole collection you can almost see 2020 reflected back at you.

The design and launch of the LOVE UNLEASHED collection was significantly disrupted by the pandemic, meaning that the accessories I’d designed and created ready to be photographed in the early part of 2020 had to be put on hold until we came out of the first lockdown period.

These pieces are the statement bridal crown designs and their accompanying earrings.

With their bold Met Gala aesthetic, the crowns in the LOVE UNLEASHED collection are inspired by the women who would attend this event with it's frenzy of cutting edge fashion. These are crowns for cool, modern brides who have a confident femininity to their style and whose accessories speak strongly of their character.

These pieces, such as KIZZY, KAZIA, KIRA and HARLEY are designed for wild hearted women who are looking for breath taking accessories that reflect their strength of character, their joy for life, and their willingness to grab an occasion and live it to the absolute fullest.

Then there are the designs that came once we we'd entered the first lockdown in England, when we were all forced back into our homes and found oursleves in closer and more intimate contact with our nearest and dearest than we had possibly ever been.

These bridal accessories are more delicate than those designed before the term 'lockdown' had become familiar to us. They are the introspective designs of the LOVE UNLEASHED collection, drawing you in and inviting you to get up close to admire their delicate beauty..

These pieces, such as the SUNNY and LENA ponytail accessories, the LOELIA crown, the ELLE pearl headband, and the LOU LOU pearl hoop earrings, are more compact, organic designs, but through the use of super sparkly crystals, and soft, shimmering pearls, are no less impactful.

With the country's leading wedding hairstylists showcasing exciting modern versions of the classic ponytail up do I was keen to include designs in the LOVE UNLEASHED collection that will add an eye catching embellishment to these looks.

Both the SUNNY and LENA ponytail bridal accessories are designed to provide maximum impact to a posh pony and fix easily in and around this style.

As with all Glorious by Heidi accessories, each piece in the LOVE UNLEASHED collection has been designed and created by me in my Cheshire studio, using couture techniques and luxe materials.

This is slow, hand crafted fashion with an eye on sustainability. The HARLEY crown, LOELIA and KIRA have all been designed to be worn again as neckpieces after your wedding day, ensuring that you get to feel Glorious time and time again!

All Glorious by Heidi wedding accessories are scrutinised for quallity before leaving my studio, meaning that you have to wait a little longer to receive your accessory after ordering than you would if you bought something mass produced or machine made, but that anticipation is of course all part of the wedding planning fun!

My style of slow, hand crafted accessory design also has an eye on sustainability, with the HARLEY, LOELIA and KIRA crowns all created to be worn again as neckpieces after your wedding day, ensuring that you get to feel Glorious time and time again!

The LOVE UNLEASHED collection also includes bridal earrings and hair pins which can be worn to layer up your look, or chosen to be worn by your bridal party.

I sincerely hope the LOVE UNLEASHED collection gets your heart racing and ready to start planning how you'll incorporate them into your unique wedding day look.

I'm so proud of these bridal accessories and cannot wait to see which ones you choose to wear and how drop dead gorgeous you look wearing them.

Bride seated under peach neon heart wearing peach, apricot and sky blue hand beaded wedding crown
KAZIA || Hand beaded bridal flower crown in Moroccan spice tones
Bride stands in front of pink neon heart wearing a pink and blush hand beaded bridal crown
Bride stands in front of neon heart holding a pink, peach and apricot Dahlia bouquet wearing a statement gold and silver bridal crown