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The beauty of a bespoke wedding  accessory design is that the things that bring you joy and fill you with confidence can be incorporated into a unique, handcrafted design and worn on your wedding day to elevate your wedding day look.

Using my eleven years of wedding accessory design experience I will discover what makes your heart sing when it comes to your personal style and between the two of us we will create a hair accessory that makes you look and feel utterly Glorious!

Love the outdoors and nature? Let's get those influences reflected in your bridal hair accessory! Art Deco float your boat? Let's incorporate that styling into your wedding headpiece! Are you a full on glamour queen when you head on out for a night of cocktails and partying? Then we'll look at creating you a modern glam wedding headpiece that brings your style and identity fully into your wedding day look!


So, how does it work?

You contact me to arrange a wedding accessory consultation - we can do this through a face to face appointment at my Cheshire studio or via a video consultation. 

There is no charge for having a consultation with me, and we will work within your budget to create that perfect bridal hair accessory. It's worth taking a peek at the wedding accessories already listed on my website to give you an idea of pricing.

During your consultation we will discuss your wedding day styling, we'll look at the detail on your wedding dress, we'll talk about how you plan to wear your hair on your wedding day, and if you'll be wearing a veil. I'll show you relevant hair pins, hair vines, halos, combs, and full bridal crowns, and talk to you about how these might work to create a wedding day look that makes you light up inside!

I will sketch out a proposed wedding accessory for you to help you visualise your finished look - occasionally if we agree a customisation of one of my existing wedding accessory designs we will skip the design sketch phase and move straight to agreeing and creating your Glorious design.

Due to the personalised and time intensive nature of designing a bespoke bridal accessory for you I will only commit to taking orders for around sixteen bespoke wedding accessory designs a year, so if you're ready to rock a Glorious bespoke accessory don't hang around, let's start that conversation today!

Heidi  💋


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