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Wedding day hairstyle inspiration from Wildflower Hair Company, Cheshire, UK

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding? I get it! That's why when experienced wedding hair stylist Jen, of Wildflower Hair Company in Macclesfield, Cheshire, asked if she could use some of my key bridal accessories to add some eye-catching finishes to her romantic wedding day updos, modern bridal ponytails, and a classic bridal chignon - I jumped at the chance!

Here Jen styles a classic bridal updo with a touch of texture, and romantic pulled out layered braids, and shows how accessorising this look with different bridal hair pins and wedding day hair vines really changes the look up. Each time Jen uses a new hair accessory you get a refreshingly new take on the same style!

Next, using sets of my Luna stars and moons celestial hair pins, Jen has shown how the same accessory can be used in a number of different wedding day hairstyles.

From a modern bridal ponytail, to a classic chignon, and a low, textured, bridal bun.

These sparkling hair pins draw the eye to the detail in each of these wedding day hairstyles and give a gorgeously romantic 'under starry skies' edge to each of the looks.

And finally, Jen styled a wedding day classic, the bridal chignon with her signature pulled out braid to keep the look soft and unstructured.

Using both my silver and sapphire Iliana bridal hair vine; my pearl and gold Amina hair pins and my Orla hair vine, this bridal hairstyling shows how the same style can be made to look warmer with the introduction of gold accents, and copper roses; more modern with the use of striking hair pins; and cooler using a silver and sapphire hair vine.

Jen and I hope that these styles will give you plenty of inspiration for your wedding day hairstyling, but if you need further accessory advice then please contact me to book a free face-to-face or video accessory consultation.

Many thanks to Wildflower Hair Company for the styling and images.

All accessories featured in this article can be found by clicking on the image.

For further bridal hair and accessories inspo follow me on Pinterest:

Have fun planning that wedding day hairstyle!

Heidi xxx


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