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Brave - Disney movie inspired Yorkshire Woodland Wedding

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Woodland Wedding

Who hasn't dreamt of marrying under a canopy of leaves? The scent of woodland in your noses, guests bathed in dappled sunlight, with a backdrop of birdsong to sing everyone on their way.

I know that woods have a special place in my heart; reminding me of childhood walks with my family - our pet dog Wally (I'm not kidding!) crashing through the undergrowth, and as a grown up, a place where I never fail to feel an immense sense of peacefulness and calm.

What a complete joy it was then, to be contacted by Nisha of Your Choice Photography, to ask if I'd be interested in designing a headpiece for the latest in her latest Disney wedding themed photoshoot.

Having already styled shoots inspired by Disney's Snow White, Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, Nisha used the film Brave as the inspiration for this shoot at Applewood's Woodland wedding venue in Leeds. Now, it just so happens that Brave is one of my daughter's all time fave films (at one point I could recite every line and growl every growl...if you don't get that reference you might want to leave now...) and so the lure of designing a headpiece for our very own fierce, feminist, Merida a.k.a. Miss Eleanor Louise was completely irresistible!

Woodland Wedding Accessory

The headpiece had to include elements of Emerald to compliment not only the natural environment, but also Bex Brides sumptuous, emerald and gold gown, and I also wanted a piece that took style elements from a traditional tiara, but shook things up by using modern materials for the body of the design.

There's something very special about working to such a strong style brief when designing accessories, and much like when I'm creating something very specific for a bride, challenges like Nisha's Brave shoot take me to places I've never been before, get my creative spark fired up, and to date, have always resulted in an accessory that leaves me feeling uber proud.

There are so many inspirational elements to this photoshoot, from the setting, the table styling, the cake, the gowns, the hair and make up...If you're a couple whose hearts are as wild and free as Merida's you could do worse than to get yourselves following the amazing suppliers who created this shoot...