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Going bespoke for your wedding day hair accessory

Real bride wedding hair vine

Beautiful bride Natalie looked absolutely stunning in her bespoke blush and rose gold headpiece earlier this year. But how did she go about achieving the hair accessory of her dreams?

One of my most asked questions is: 'How does it work - getting you to make something for me?' Well, pull up a pew, put down your Prosecco, and I'll tell you how it worked for Natalie and all my other bespoke brides...

Making a wedding hair vine

Initially Natalie contacted me to arrange a time when she could visit me at my Cheshire studio for a free, face-to-face, sixty minute consultation. For some of my more far flung brides I've done these consultations via FaceTime, Skype, over good old-fashioned telephone, and via Messenger - almost as good as a face-to-face consultation, but without the cuppa!

Once booked in, I suggested to Natalie that she arrive at her consultation ready to share any Pinterest boards she might have for her wedding day hair inspiration; photos of her wedding dress, and in particular, close-ups of any detail on her dress; and be ready to chat. I do like to chat, and as weddings are my favourite subject, the conversation never runs dry.

Everything about Natalie shouted that she was a warm, confident woman who liked colour. Photos of how she'd like to wear her hair pointed to a slightly undone, romanticism, and seeing photos of her elegant, classically cut gown allowed me to suggest that there would be plenty of room for pretty detail in her finished headpiece, without it fighting for attention with her dress as it would have done against a more embellished design.

Natalie told me about her favourite colours, and the accents she'd be including in her day, and between us we agreed on a pretty 'vine' style hair accessory, that would quite literally have the flexibility to be pinned through her soft, loosely styled hair. We also discussed how visible her hair accessory should be to the wedding guests, and, most importantly, to the wedding photographer (!), deciding that a design that would travel from one side of her wedding day hairstyle to the other, becoming more elaborate as it reached the left-hand side of her head, would work particularly well with her planned look.

I showed Natalie the pearlised ivory flower beads that I thought would work well with her bouquet and with the romantic tone of her accessory, the blush seed beads that would bring that pretty step up in colour, and those oh-so-gorgeous rose gold set Swarovski crystals that would work it to bring a splash of glamorous sparkle and warmth.

Post consultation I email my brides with an overview of everything we have discussed and agreed, and I attach an invoice for a 20% deposit to schedule the accessory in for work.

During the making process I check in with my brides with photos giving them the opportunity to ask for changes or additions, and to allow them the chance to get super excited about their hair accessory!

All Glorious accessories arrive with my brides beautifully packaged and boxed, and can be returned to their original packaging after the big day to be kept safe and cherished as an heirloom and a reminder of the most Glorious of days.

If you'd like to book a free consultation with me (including tea or coffee), head here.

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