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Comfortable to wear wedding headbands and why I don't use rigid headbands for my wedding headpieces.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Did you know that migraines and the pain, nausea and visual disturbances associated with them affect between 15-23% of the adult UK population? That's up to a quarter of us! Did you also know that migraine affects women more commonly than men?

As someone works hard to avoid migraines myself (I can still clearly recall the awful effect that wearing a fixed plastic headband had on me as a child), just the thought of wearing a hair accessory on my wedding day that stays in place by squeezing tight on that sensitive part of skin behind the ears, leading to a tension headache and then possibly migraine, makes me feel queasy!

And it's because I want you to be able to wear your Glorious by Heidi wedding headpiece comfortably all day long and well into the night without the worry that you might suffer a tension headache, that I design my wedding crowns, and full bridal headpieces, on flexible wires and not on tension headache inducing fixed metal or plastic headbands.

So, what are 'flexible wires' and how do they make your wedding headbands comfortable to wear?'

These are individual lighter gauge wires that I twist over each other and then wrap with another fine gauge wire, creating a base that your wedding hair accessory will sit on and ensuring that all Glorious by Heidi headpieces are designed as comfortable to wear wedding headbands.

Unlike a fixed, hard metal or plastic headband of the type you'll see most wedding headpieces set on, Glorious by Heidi headpieces stay in place by being pinned into position through the discreet pin loops that I include to the back of the flexible wire base. You or your hairstylist can simply thread a couple of regular hair grips through these loops, and into your hairstyle, to secure your hair accessory into place.

Your Glorious by Heidi headpiece is also supplied with ivory, or your choice of coloured ribbon, that can be used to tie your accessory into place for extra security, and easily removed if the ribbons aren't compatible with your wedding day look.

Even if you aren't a migraine sufferer you'll find that a wedding hair accessory that's set on flexible wires is lighter and much more comfortable to wear than one that that is set on a fixed band that stays in place by pinching tightly behind the ears.

And that means that wearing your wedding hair accessory throughout your wedding ceremony, during the wedding breakfast, the speeches, and while you hit the dance floor, will be as completely pain free as it should be!

Bride and groom on the dance floor holding hands with brides arms held aloft.
New York bride Sabrina wears a customised version of the OLIVIA Crown set on flexible wires

Bride on the dance floor holds hand aloft and sings along to a song
Your Glorious by Heidi wedding hair accessory will stay in place while you dance the night away!

And another bonus to wearing a wedding headpiece set on flexible wires...

The flexible nature of Glorious by Heidi headpieces means that they can also be worn as neck pieces, giving them a life way beyond your wedding day, and making them both sustainable, as well as stunning! Win, WIN!!!

It's important to me as a wedding accessory designer that you not only look glorious on your wedding day, but that you feel glorious too, and that means feeling comfortable and confident from the moment you put your hair accessory on, to the moment your head hits the pillow at the end of the most amazing day ever!

If you'd like to discuss your wedding hair accessories with me further then you can

Heidi x



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