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Top tips for Glorious wedding day hair


"I don't know what I'm doing with my hair," is one of the commonest concerns I hear from you when we discuss your wedding day hair accessories and how you might wear them.

And why would you?

It's not like we're used to having our hair styled by a pro; wearing sparkly accessories, or having 20 - 100 pairs of eyes all fixed on you and every detail of your look, now is it?

On a day-to-day basis my work day hair involves reaching for the straighteners, or pulling everything together into a messy bun. At best I'll spend 10 minutes on my hair. So when it comes to a special occasion, knowing where to begin is tricky.

That's why I've spoken to some of my go to hair and make up experts to grab you some top tips to help you plan exactly what you're doing with your wedding day hair...


1. Ask for recommendations

If you're already speaking to venues, photographers, dress suppliers and accessory designers, chances are they've worked with hair and make up artists and have a handful of favourites that they'll happily recommend. The beauty of this being that if your venue recommends someone they'll be a hair and make up artist familiar with working at your venue, so already used to the light and space you'll be using to get ready on your big day.

To get you started my current industry faves are:

2. Check out their work

Sounds obvious when we live in such a visual age; all businesses have websites and a social media presence (and if they don't, steer clear!), but for some reason we don't always take a peek before we take the leap!

A hair and make up artist's portfolio will give you an idea of their style before you book with them. Many will specialise in a certain type of look, be it Vintage, boho or natural, and even if they don't, you'll get a feel for their style and if it's close to your own, by looking at their work.

Hair by Andrea Pickford Make Up and Beauty Wedding Day Hairstyle

3. Pin it

"I ask them to bring some ideas - so pics from Pinterest really help." Says Andrea of Andrea Pickford Make Up and Beauty.

"Also pictures of their dress so I can get an idea of the theme - vintage, retro, or boho..."

Start here for your Pinterest wedding hair inspo!

Make You Up

4. Don't be squeaky clean

"Wash your hair the day before your hair trial as hair that is a a day old is much more workable into your chosen wedding day style." Says Louise of Make You Up.

"Your hair will have more volume and texture, more staying power, and will look better!"

Jen Eachus Bridal Wedding Day Hairstyle

5. Colour matching

"It's a good idea to wear a white top, or a colour that is similar to your wedding dress to your hair trial." Advises Jen of Jen Eachus Bridal.

"That way you'll get a really good idea of what your hair and make up will look like when teamed with your wedding day look."

Eve Hair Pins 3

6. Don't go changing

"How do you usually wear your hair?" Is one of the questions Andrea Pickford would ask you.

"You need to be totally comfortable with the final style you choose."

So if you don't like how your face looks with your fully hair up, perhaps go for a half-up do, or a style that is softer around the face.

"Also, please don't get your hair cut between your hair trial and your wedding day!" Says Andrea.

"A change to your hair may mean it doesn't style the way it did at your trial!"

Sash and Veil Drop Veil