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A stellar statement hair accessory

I'm very excited to unveil my latest, and if I say so myself, most breath-taking design...

Meet Estella.

I couldn't let the season of ambers, bronzes and golds pass by, without harnessing everything I love about Autumn and using it in one of my designs.

Estella emulates the light of a golden Autumn afternoon, when the sparkling summer sun is replaced by something much softer and appropriate for lighting the glory of the fading foliage around us.

The golden diamante chains gently sway as you move, catching the light and the eye.

Estella's champagne gold, amber and peach tones add a delicious warmth to your look, and works equally effectively as a wedding day hair accessory, or accessorising your special occasion hair style.

I always love my latest designs most of all, but with Estella, I think I might be less fickle...maybe....

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