Going bespoke for your wedding day hair accessory

Beautiful bride Natalie looked absolutely stunning in her bespoke blush and rose gold headpiece earlier this year. But how did she go about achieving the hair accessory of her dreams? One of my most asked questions is: 'How does it work - getting you to make something for me?' Well, pull up a pew, put down your Prosecco, and I'll tell you how it worked for Natalie and all my other bespoke brides... Initially Natalie contacted me to arrange a time when she could visit me at my Cheshire studio for a free, face-to-face, sixty minute consultation. For some of my more far flung brides I've done these consultations via FaceTime, Skype, over good old-fashioned telephone, and via Messenger - almost

Sappho, seduction and the language of love

Having put the finishing touches to my latest design, a lightweight, more contemporary version of the classic tiaras worn by Princesses now and in the past, I came to 'that' point - what to name her? With around 50 current designs in the Glorious wedding accessory catalogue, my expanding collection has made naming more and more of a challenge. I like to choose fairly timeless names, and something memorable. If possible, the name should have some relevance to the style, colour, or era of the piece, and should sound lyrical, and attractive to the ear. I often find myself liking a name so much that I pick it twice (step up Giselle and Astrid), and have the frustration of thinking I've totally

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